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Cynthia Payne
Administrative Assistant
Office: 417.777.5263

Meet Cynthia! Cynthia is the Administrative Assistant with More-Land Realty. She's the first person you see when you walk in the door and she's the one who will greet you when you call on the phone. Cynthia does all the typical work of an Administrative Assistant but she has finally accepted that when it comes down to it, her real job is to keep the agents in line! We all know when we hand her a file, it better be perfect! Cynthia and her husband Ron have been married for almost 45 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. Having finally faced her fear of flying a few years ago, Cynthia now enjoys traveling and loves cruising in the Caribbean. Her biggest joy in life is spending time with her children and grandchildren. When asked what her favorite thing about working at More-Land Realty she is quick to reply, "I like my job but I love the people. I love the agents and I love our clients!"