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Terrie Smith - Realtor -
Terrie Smith
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I was born in the big city of Boston, Massachusetts. When I was young my family moved to the country. A charming little community called Halfway, Missouri. I guess having experienced both, I have always wanted the big city life but with the quiet feel of the country, so I moved to Springfield, Missouri area (the best of both worlds, kinda). My husband Gary, and I have been together for 20 years. Gary and my daughter Emily both have my heart! I have always been a competitor. I love the thrill of the competition and of course the excitement of winning! I think that is why I went into sales; because when a deal successfully comes together and everyone is happy, it's a win! Over the years I have sold everything from wallpaper to diamonds, and now I'm selling dreams and making them come true. The American Dream of Home Ownership! A big part of why I have been successful is because I work hard, put in long hours, can multi-task, am patient, pay close attention to details, and I will listen to what you want. But above all.... I love winning! Give me a call and let's win one together!